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This season really does suck.

Been working my way through some of the new shows. Thus far I have watched.

Shit Eater. Overstylized FLCL wannabee shite. Too many fucking 'gags' that repeat themselves over and over 'Shinagami slap' etc.
Nabari no Ooooh! Gay gay GAAAAAAY
Nikki Mimi Mode. One word. QUALITY.
Kamen no Maid Gay (Is this an OVA?) Nonsensical unfunny and just shit. Liked the tits at the beginning though.
Amatsucky. Hard to say but looks like generic bleach type shit. Might get better though.
Golgore 13. Fuck me we are back in the 80's.
ToLovePoo. Fuck me we are back in the 80's with shitty fan service.
Wagaya ears and tail. I hope it has a fucking story. Looked a bit crap but will give it a chance.
Blasshitter. GONZO. Nuff said.
Druagay. As above.
Kurenai. It has a loli. I will give it a chance just because of that.
Allison to Lilia. I like adventure type stories along the lines of Blue Water etc. Will give it a chance.
Bus Gaymer. Story is too dumb. Characters unconvincing.
Kanokon. At least it's honest. It does not try to be anything but a fan service animu.
Macross Frontier. It has Kanno sountrack and Nyaa Nyaa. Will try episode 2.

I know I have missed off a few but at this rate I am considering giving up. Thus far the only show I have enjoyed is Chi's Sweet Home. That shows how shitty this season appears to be shaping up to be.

I need an epic sci-fi show. Image related.