Method for killing redux

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Redux version.

Post end in 1: Slowly being dropped into a pot of boiling oil.
Post ends in 2: STAB STAB STAB!!!!! with rusty dull butcher knife.
Post ends in 3: They escape and kill you instead
Post ends in 4: Shot in kneecaps and shoulders and left to bleed to death.
Post ends is 5: dropped into a pit of ravanous dogs.
Post ends in 6: Creamated alive
Post ends in 7: Escapes and you never find them again
Post ends in 8: Slowly cut in half by lumbermill saw, groin 1st.
Post ends in 9: Stick of TNT up the ass.
Post ends in 0: They don't die but you disfigure them so badly noone wants to be around them.
Post ends in 00: You have the power to revive them and kill them as many times as you want.

Bonus killing: if you post ends in 000 you are to the one who is personally responsable for their torment in hell!