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Kallen frowned, glancing around the command center, wondering where everyone had seemingly wandered off to. Zero hadn’t called a meeting, true, but it was unusual not to find anyone...

Her thoughts were interrupted as she spotted Tamaki, along with several other Black Knights, kneeling next to a closed doorway.

“Tamaki-” she began to call out, before her comrade shushed her quickly, pulling her down until she was pressed up against the doorframe.

“What are you-” Kallen began again, but Tamaki pressed a finger to his lips, again forcing her into silence.

‘Listen’, he mouthed, jerking his head to the closed doorway.

Kallen was about to question why, when a brusque, irritated and very familiar tone cut in, from behind the door.

“-sick of waking up on the floor!”

Zero? Kallen’s eyes widened, and, despite herself, she pressed a bit closer to the metal.

“My, you’re so spoiled, you know that. It’s not my fault you keep falling out of the bed.”

If her eyes had been wide before, now they were as big as saucers, and she literally clapped a hand over her mouth to keep from saying the name.

C.C.? What are they-

“Not your fault?” Zero all but snarled, pacing footsteps audible. “You pushed me off!”

“You talk in your sleep. It’s disturbing,” C.C.’s airy, detached voice responded tartly. “Besides, a gentleman always lets the lady have rule over the bed.”

“If there was a lady-” Zero began cuttingly.

“Hmph. How rude.” C.C. huffed, before continuing in a voice that was so amused that Kallen could practically see the smirk, “If it’s so much of a hassle, you could always snuggle with me.”