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Dearest /a/,
I feel like you're the only ones who get me. I was at the pub on Friday with a couple of (for lack of a better word) friends. We started talking to some girls at the table next to ours. One of my friends decided to be a real prick and mention that I like anime. This backfired on him as the pretties girl of the group exclaimed "Me too!" which got my hopes up, but then I discovered that she only watches Bleach, Naruto, Sailor Moon, and regards Avatar as anime. I went home early struck by depression that I will never meet someone nice or with similar interests to me. I haven't spoken to a human being since. My mum has been trying to call me all weekend and emailed me saying she got scared. She said "You're moving with your uncle and your auntie in Bel Air".

tl;dr: Why does no-one IRL have any decent taste in anime?