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I don't really get angry at other peoples low standards. I just laugh quietly to myself, and move on to a series that more suits my tastes and expectations. While it's true that your average harem or shounen anime won't have a story working on as many intellectual levels as a Mamoru Oshii film, they still both stand as works of entertainment, and are both an equally valid way for a viewer to spend their time watching.

Some may accuse me of preferring intellectual masturbation for my choices in anime viewing, but I'm only watching what entertains me. I'm not trying to be condescending or pretentious by liking what I like. If being true to myself meant watching Dragonaut religiously each week, I wouldn't carry any shame. I won't apologize for enjoying "DEEP" anime to the exclusion of everything else -- it's just what gets my dopamine flowing. The groupthink preference for the middlebrowism of Gurren Lagann and Kaiji and similar shows of the type on this board isn't an entirely good thing. People should just enjoy the shows they enjoy shamelessly, whatever IQ level they're written for.