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Alright faggots listen up,
Tomoyo is the strongest human in Clannad, and could even defeat Freeza in his final form at 100%

*Constantly training in HARSH conditions (up in the mountains)
*Always perfecting her skills.
*Has been training to fight her entire life.
*Battled with and beat two engineering school delinquents outside of school, used her multi form to fight both of them. (Which means she split herself in two, and split her power level in two, so that means even at half power shes strong enough to take on two delinquents.)
*Trained on Planet Daikuriku with Mamiina for over a year.
*ABLE TO DEFLECT A KI BLAST FROM SUNOHARA (Sunohara even was shocked that she was such a powerful human)
*MORE CONFIDENCE than Nagisa. (able to preform better while fighting)
*Nearly killed Fuko with her Lightning Kick.(Probably would have if she used her other foot.)
*Neck and neck with Kyou in her base form. (Forcing Kyou to whore her sister to you.)
*Longer list of useful techniques. IE multiform, solar flare and is speculated that Tomoyo knows the kaio ken attack.
*A true woman of honor who will ALWAYS fight to the bitter end.

Just because Nagisa is shown more in the series and has a larger role than Tomoyo, doesn't mean that she's better.

Tomoyo > Sunohara >>>> all