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seriously now
if u put every single character from naruto and from bleach
against any character from dragon ball z or yu yu hakusho

then all the naruto and bleach characters would be killed instantly

dbz guys can fly around the world in seconds and blow freakin planets up

naruto homos can throw freakin kunais oh wow

hell all the tailed beast from naruto would be killed in a single energy blast

and dont even get me started on that crap bleach which is a total yu yu hakusho rip off

an s class demon like raizan makuro or yomi and even yusuke would kill every single bleach character in an instant

naruto and bleach chracters are sooo weak even pokemon like mewtwo or lucario could beat them

naruto and bleach are the worst anime/manga of all time and only noobs like them

they have weak characters and their main characters both both flaming homo sexuals