Things that sucked about Bleach 167

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1. Ichigo winning through pure resolve as always...catching Grimms hand when he was getting the shit beat out of him. Fighting on after being stabbed with a HAND, TWICE while 1 sword stab finished Grimm. Cutting through his Laceration tech after barely being able to block it a couple seconds earlier

2. Orihime. WAHH, KUROSAKI-KUN!!! Don't get hurt!!! More of her fucking reality hax, whining and general uselessness. "Are you hurt, Orihime?" asks Ichigo. Hmm, considering that she can reject any injuries sustained, what the fuck kinda stupid question is that

3. Nell. I don't care if she gets hot later on, bitch should have fallen off the cliff and been done with. She's annoying, whiny, and makes me feel like vomitting everytime she comes up from the stupid "cute" baby talk