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As Lupin says over and over, he only steals from people that are so well-off that they can take the loss without any change in their lifestyle. Besides that, Lupin usually catches guys that aren't as moralfaggy and leaves them for Zenigata to arrest. Keeping this in mind, why would Interpol waste hundreds of thousands of dollars a year shipping someone all across the world to catch him with such a poor track record?

Because they don't expect him to ever actually catch Lupin.

Lupin has put away lots of major crooks and villains that would have otherwise gotten away with it, and hasn't ever done anything dangerous, so Interpol sends out Zenigata after him. He bungles about and arrests the threats to the world that Lupin wrecks up (meaning they don't have to spend time or money doing so) and get PR for trying. If they assigned anyone else, they might actually catch Lupin, or he might not be so generous as to leave the bad guys for Interpol to arrest, but with Zenigata on the case, not only do they know Lupin will never be arrested, but they can bet on Lupin catching bad guys for them.