Guide to posting on /a/

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Seeing as we've had another boost to the number of posters here recently, I thought I'd help out a few people who maybe don't understand /a/non's opinions. Here are a few statements you are likely to encounter during your stay here:

>1. "Lucky Star is shit!"
False. Every poster on this board really likes LS and only trolls it as a joke to the new posters who haven't seen it yet. Go and watch this now, it is a definite top 5 show.

>2. "All of /a/ is pedo."
False again. This is the one that many people fall for, so it is important to understand the joke early on; no-one on this board is really a paedophile. Remember that.

>3. "Gaiafags should go back to it, and leave our board now!"
This is another one you may encounter frequently, but ignore it and treat it like a joke. Many other posters here are also 'Gaiafags' (what people call us around here) and the term is used almost always in jest.

Remember these 3 points and you'll fit right in. Happy posting!