ITT, /co/habit/a/tion

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So /a/, after a recent discussion on /co/, I find that the majority (not the overwhelming majority, but the majority) of Anonymous there enjoy manga in addition to American comics. I myself also fit into such an Idort category.
Just out of curiosity, I’d like to know if the Anonymous of /a/ similarly have an American comic-book character they can call their favorite. Not only will this be informative, but we’re probably going to think up some fucking kick-ass crossovers in the process, as is common in /co/oper/a/tion-threads.

As for me and American comic-book characters I love, pic fucking related. Can’t fucking get enough of The Punisher. Castle is just a bloody, leaky mass of GAR that leaves a trail of mutilated Mafia-bosses and child-molesters wherever he goes. Anime’s yet to produce a character of a similar vein that’s equally awesome.