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ITT series you've been super fucking patient for because it's worth it.

I've been a Hellsing fan for 4 years and I've been happily waiting for the OVA since it was announced. 4 one hour episodes out of 10 have come out in 2 years. At one point it was a 10 month wait.
I've been reading the monthly Berserk manga for a few years as well, and we're lucky to get it monhtly. So far the worst I had to endure was a 6 month wait.
Also been reading Vagabond at basically the same rate for the same amount of time.
And I watched Monster as it came out from episode 43 and up. I think it took like 2 years for 30 episodes. Also, I never read the manga.

That's about it for me. There were other series I dropped and picked up later but that doesn't count. Other series I watched/read weekly but who cares.