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ITT, series that are supposedly universally liked but just didn't do it for you.

Princess Tutu: Princess Tu-Predictable is more like it. This show was awesome for the first few episodes, and the last few episodes of each season, but that's about it. It felt like Sailor Moon all over again. Starts strong, ends strong, but lots of filler in between. The classical music was a nice touch, but the fairy tale motif just didn't grab me. The main character is annoying, her friends are harpies, and Rue's the only decent female character. Mythos looks like that fat arrogant piece of shit from Death Note, and Fakir is a lackluster Mamoru Chiba clone.

Marimite: Advancing the plot slowly is preferred here. Now come on, I like shoujo, but this is just pure, saturated, unadulterated BOREDOM in a can. Where the hell are the guys in this show? What good is a shoujo that doesn't have cute boys to fawn over? And all anyone does is talk. And talk, and talk, and talk, and talk and talk and talk and... There's virtually no humor in this show, except the occasional "lol the petite soueouaour said something awkward in front of her big sister."

Azumanga Daioh: I can't say much about this show because I couldn't even make it past the first quarter or so of the show. The art style is just obnoxious, dripping with contrived cuteness and LOL EXAGGERATED facial features. This is the absolute gutter of derivative otaku-pandering animu schlock. Basically the precursor to Lucky Star, that oughta tell you everything.