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I was in a comic store the other day, browsing through some manga and some attractive looking girl came up to me, stared at me, then the manga (Battle Royale ultimate edition) and said "Oh I love that Manga, the movie is pretty good too, oh by the way my name is Emily", I looked at her, let my eyes take her all in, she was 160cm tall, blonde (I assume bleached), tanned, and now that I think back on it, she was quite a looker, I continued to look for a few seconds seeing everything her young, female visage had to offer, then I just said "Heh" put the manga down, walked down the isle to the front door, I then whistled and my stallion came to me, I mounted and pulled the beast of burden up, it rose up on its hind legs and it let out a great cry, my semi-long hair, blowing in the cool breeze, in front of the large sun, sinking into the horizon. I could see she looked on in awe, but I did not care I felt alive, I rode off into the sunset, not knowing where life will take my untamed lion heart.
I am to much of a man for women and relationships.