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And he cried in a loud voice, 'Lazarus, arise!' And Lazarus did come forth from the grave... I have returned. I salute all of you who have risked your lives countless times to topple Britannia, to perpetuate our cause to honor my name. And now I call upon you again to bring glory to the Black Knights. I have seen that Britannia is vulnerable, bloated by arrogance and complacency. Now is the time to strike. While they congratulate themselves on Sakuradite and Uranium advancements the Black Knights made a year ago, we will expose their weaknesses for all the world to see. We will bring them to their knees cut of their head and pierce their heart, and while Britannia goes the way of old flesh, the Black Knights will live on transforming ourselves and the planet, rejoice Knights, the blood of your oppressors will flow and 8 years of tyranny will finally end, transformation is coming a new day will dawn, the future is ours!... the future... is ... ours