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Jeez, and here I was expecting a colorful, laughable, jokingly romantic animu that would at least be somewhat warm and fulfilling. Instead I get "LOL FAN-SERVICE! WHAT, YOU DON'T LIKE OUR BOUNCEY CARTOON-TITS ON A PINK-HAIRED TEENAGER, STUPID AMERICAN GAIJIN? JAPAN IS TOO DEEP FOR YOU! HA HAHA!!!"
I wasn't expecting MUCH from Tu Love RU, but this looks like it's going to be utter shit. Her name's fucking "Lala", she orgasms every time she transforms, and she's the most blatantly sexploited animu-girl I've seen in a long, long time. All boob-socket clothing and excessive bouncing, in addition to plenty of needless, statistically impossible amounts of nudity. Oh, and she’s a fucking alien.

Dear Japan,
If your cartoons are to actually evolve any further, you’re going to have to start prioritizing story, quality and artistic value over giving sweaty otaku ONE MORE thing to fap to. It’s fucking shameful, and if America’s demographics for animation weren’t so skewed, our cartoons would kick the asses of yours. Please stop this bullshit, now.
-Signed, a concerned American anonymous animation connoisseur.