your salvation. memetic confension

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the god the god. but what is it our modern net. and what it is when it comes to the board. the litany of memes we gathered? or the meanigful things about the community. te reality altering effect? youre all reality escapist waiting for the entertainment. your escapist attidute is your god. dont you think that god is beyound the boundaries of your reach. you do not get to decide it. youre humble servants to your need. and the world keeps on corruption. your god is diappearing. or perhhaps its reforming. each of you are the followers of the mob mentality. who gets to shout out penitenziagite first is the one you follow. that person is your god. can you choose to become that person. either the god and the memetic continuum disorientates and finally disappears or you walk the path of that person. by adding "member of colour brigate" in you email field is your salvation. as i wrote it andas youre reading it at . i espect nothing less than 100 replies of confession and convertion

noe there is deletion and there is reposting.