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Ode to our Lolis.

Some love loli because when they fall for you,
They will be loyal and true through and through.

When Anon breaks down and becomes sappy,
He fears most women will find him lacking.
"You're not macho" they say,
"I'm not there for you to cling to"
And so, just like that, they will up and leave you
For some retard who works out six times a day

For a loli however this needs not be;
As a loli would be just as loving as he.

For others it is the small frame they adore;
'Tis the joy of the supple body they long for
They care less for a girl saying "Love only me"
As one with a wonderful DFC.

"Though still" they say, "I would love to see"
"A loli that would be just as loving as me."

Others still think it a mix of the two:
Of both a stature small and a love that is true
Contended are they, they will proclaim
So long as their loli is cute and sane.

"We only ask, however, that true their love be;
So that our lolis would be as loving as we"

As for me, I'm resigned to the fact
That our ideal lolis are merely abstract
That my pie in the sky shall never land
And when I reach out, I'll never grasp that small hand

Oh, how sad am I, that I shall never see
A loli who would love me
As much as I could ever
Love she.