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i was on holiday for some reason, there was some bitching going on with my parents and someone, i walked into the bedroom (there was two single beds), she was laying there, i asked, mind if i sleep here?
she said no go ahead. i went to the single bed, lay down, tried to sleep, then i went into 3rd person view, and saw her reach over and grab my PENIS, i said "wait what", she said "You know... Tomoya i always liked you... and i want you to be with me forever".
i said " i love you too Ryou", she then crawled across her bed to mine and we hugged for a bit, then she unzipped my PENIS (it was already hard from the grabbing before) and she GOT ON, after a few minutes of me on bottom she Ryou on top we switched positions into "The cradle"
and continued for a few more minutes, i kissed and fondled her TITS with one hand while supporting her with the other.

this lasted a bit longer, after finishing, we lay on the bed embraced for a while.

later on we walked around looking at popular tourist locations together.

It was the happiest day of my life

then i woke up