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Now /a/, you might be thinking this is your typical ronery thread, but it's not. This is going to be a bit different.

First, to keep it anime related, this is also an Iria thread.

Now, back to the anti-ronery subject. I have noticed that in most ronery threads, people seem to talk about how lonely they are and how they can't find anyone who will take them.

First, you must remember that most people are epic fails just like you. In some form in their life, all people have failed and feel insecure.

Second, you must realize that to attract others, you must be able to offer something special as well. So, what can you offer that is valuable of yourself that can impress and attract someone else?

In short, value yourself and other people will value you. Build up yourself and people will notice.

That's all.
tl&dr: Post Iria pictures.