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Next time on 5D's episodes 5 - 7......

Ace Dragons Clash! Stardust VS Red Demon's
Episode 5 Airing Date: 04/30/2008
Jack has summoned his own Ace monster, Red Demon's Dragon, and has summoned Yusei's ace monster, Stardust Dragon as well. Yusei is piled up against the ropes and summons the indestructible-through-battle Road Runner to search for an opening for his counterattack, and then, Jack, who overpowers Yusei not only in dueling but in words as well, attacks with both of his dragons. Yusei, even further in the trenches, has activated the Trap card, Harmonia Mirror.

Take a Look! This Here Hidden Treasure Deck of Mine!
Episode 6 Airing Date: 05/07/2008
Yusei has been arrested and gets a marker placed on his cheek by Public Security. He is then shipped off to a detention center. In the paddy wagon, he meets an old man known as Yanagi. Meanwhile, Jack learns that Godwin and the others were watching his match last night and of how unbelievable Jack considers the conclusion of that match. Awaiting Yusei and the others, who have arrived at the detention center, was the Former Pro Duelist, Himuro. Yusei is suddenly challenged, but can't fight since he has no deck, and Yanagi and Himuro duel. Yanagi shows off his Hidden Treasure Deck with great pride and begins the duel. Yanagi, going first, summons Crystal Skull, but...

Feelings for the Cards! Crystal Skull VS Great Bull Djinn
Episode 7 Airing Date: 05/14/2008
Yusei challenges Himuro, who spoke ill of Yanagi's cards and stomped on them, to a duel with Yanagi's Hidden Treasure Deck. Yusei and Himuro duel. Himuro summons the 2000 attack power Hell Spider. Then, Yusei summons Crystal Skull and also activates the Quick-Play Magic, Curse-Returner Hitogata, and inflicts damage on Himuro. Having taken damage, Himuro understands that Yusei is pretty well versed with dueling and assaults him vigorously. Himuro releases Bull Djinn to summon Great Bull Djinn and inflicts a great amount of damage on Yusei.