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Don't you think the odds of losing are far too overwhelming even for lelouch. I mean there are a lot of factors that will trigger his loss e.g. :

1. the black knights is in ruins due to their great loss in the 1st season. so it may seem that lelouch might have to rebiuld it from ground up (again)

2. since the black knights are now almost disbanded he lost his major personnel

3. there is a geass much more powerful than his (really haxxed geass able to stop time)

4. he had enough problems with one lancelot in the 1st season now imagine if those things were mass produced...Oh wait it is

5. the knights of the round will now intervene

6. the chinese federation seems to be traitors (due to the leak)

7. imagine how many geass users are there in brittania

so there is a very slim amount on him actually winning this war. what are your thoughts on this anon do you think he will still emerge victorious or will he lose dramatically.