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This is a story about how anime saved my life.

Basically, last week I was hit by a drunk driver on the interstate. My car flipped off the side of the highway and landed. I lay there, pinned under my compacted car, trapped deftly in my seat by metal and seatbelt. Bleeding profusely from my head and my leg from what I can tell, a pulsing knot in the side of my head from impact.

Basically, I knew I had a concussion at this point, things were blurry around me. So I had to stay awake, somehow. The pain in my head was getting pretty bad and I started singing "Nantokanare" from the Akagi OST I was listening to before I left. I was singing it at the top of my lungs, trying to fight through the pain of the concussion when they finally pulled me from the car and cut me loose. This continued until I actually got to the ER apparently through the entire ambulance ride. I don't remember much of what actually went on between the accident and the hospital, just being told I was singing really loudly the entire time and because my concussion they couldn't sedate me.

On the plus side, they said staying awake so long probably saved my life.

don't drive drunk, watch more animu