Ghost in the shell live action movie

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Here are some names ive tossed arounds, i figure itd be a good start. at least for an americanized version.

Ashley Judd: the major
Ron Perlman: batou
eric szmanda: togusa
pat morita: aramaki

thats all i got so far, reason why i picked ashley judd instead of....well anyone else, is that from seeing her act, she just seems like the obvious choice.

ron has the build and stature and could easily act as batou

eric has acted as a probie/newbie on a show (CSI), if he grew his hair he would be a perfect fit

and pat was choosen because i cant think of any other old skinny asians.

keep in mind that i am just thinking about a gits:sac live-action movie. the original movie and the sequel would be too deep for most audiances.