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So /a/, now that 2 or more episodes for most shows has aired, any of which you're going to follow? As for me, well...

Da Capo II SS
Vampire Knight
Code Geass R2
Soul Eater
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
Nabari no Ou
Macross Frontier
Real Drive

I should throw in a fan service series, since I can tolerate at least one every season but I haven't gotten around to watching To Love-ru yet, despite being an avid fan of the mango. Kanokon is garbage, and Kamen no Maid Guy isn't as funny as I hoped. Special A was also a letdown, as well as Itazura na Kiss so there goes my Shoujo. Regardless, I didn't think I'd follow this many shows.

tl;dr What shows are you watching this season and are you happy with it?