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Gentlemen, I like breasts.
Gentlemen, I like breasts.
Gentlemen, I love breasts.
I like to rub tits. I like to place a hand on a breast. I like to lick the underside of a boob.
I like to suck them. I love to lick them. I love the way they bounce. I love the texture.
In bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on planes, On boats, On rollercoasters, On horseback, on gravel.
I love all kinds of breasts available in this world.
I like seeing people get molested by the perverts.
When a pair of breasts bounce wildly, my heart dances.
I like using my bare hands to mash a large pair of breasts.
When they barely recovered from this, I repeated my process, and my heart soared.
I like it when I am first to place my hands on her chest.
I remember getting moved after picking up the opportunity to be the first to titfuck her.
Getting a titfuck when I was deeply bored was excruciatingly enjoyable.
When the woman replies with a bullshit answer, sending her back to the kitchen with a powerful speech was spectacular.
When the pitiful resistance came with their puny attempts,
And I countered with a mighty fucking, I was at my height.
I like being slapped over and over again by angry women.
It is a sad thing when one is elevated by a crossdresser and thrown out like garbage.
I like being fast and crushing at the last moment.
Being without full hands is the ultimate disgrace.
Gentlemen, I desire a breasts that are like Hell.
Women, my companions in battalion who follow me, What do you desire?
Do you desire big tits as well?
Do you desire big tits where no quarter is given?
Do you desire big tits that stretches the limits of sucking, fucking, plucking and lactating to the limit, one that will kill all the crows on this planet?
Very well,
Then we shall have tits.
The night that will grant our wishes has come.
Welcome to the night of breasts!
Let's Go, gentlemen.