Middle Ground

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/a/, something's annoying me and I need rectification. lol Rectification.

Anyway, "tsundere" = shana, for example.

"Deredere" would be, uh, your average moeblob with a crush like that other bitch who likes Yuji, right?

But what would you call the in-betweener? You know, the chick that would casually let you smash just because you two are really good friends.

The girl you'd have "happysex" with, cracking jokes that have her laughing while you're balls-deep under her in the cowgirl position.

The lass whose bed you could share with no questions asked if your roommate was getting on your last nerve.

The dame who'd call you up at 11pm because she'd rather not use some toy when she's feeling all hot and bothered.

The one with a little less shame and timidity than the others, but enough that you couldn't rightfully call her a whore, skank, loose, promiscuous, or an easy lay.

That kind of chick; izzere a nickname for that type?