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Rejoice! The Large Hadron Collider was activated and transported you into a parallel dimension where your waifu is real. However, if your post ends in...

1. You marry your waifu and have two children. Good end.
2. You marry your waifu and have two children. Good end until 3 years later, when you find out she had AIDS.
3. You marry your waifu. On the wedding night you find out she actually has a penis. She jams it in.
4. You arive just in time to see your waifu be brutally raped and murdered.
5. Your waifu thinks you are a pig disgusting sick pedo freak and wants nothing to do with you.
6. You marry your waifu. One month later she flips into yandere mode. Pieces of you are found in random garbage cans around the city.
7. Your waifu refuses to marry you. But you get pity sex for being a miserable virgin loser.
8. You find out your waifu is already married to Suzaku.
9. Your waifu is dere dere for you. But the moment you see her you realise you've been gay all along.
0. Your waifu has Downs Syndrome and is severely retarded. You spend the rest of your life taking care of her. (note: if your waifu is a Key character, then she is braindead).

00. Division by 0. You become the waifu.
000. Quantum division by 0. Your waifu is Archer, Kamina and the emperor of Britannia combined in one person.