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Hey /a/ I am in need of assistance. I am currently out of Anime to watch. I have been on a short spree of catching up on series and so far I have watched:

-Hellsing (OVA's and TV series)
-The 3 Gundam Compilation Movies
-Cowboy Bebop (Including the movie)
-Neon Genesis Evangelion (Including EoE)
-Full Metal Alchemist (Including Movie)
-Death Note (Including Movies, thankfully I finished this before it blew up into what it is now)

I may have missed a few in that list, but you get the idea. I didn't bother listening full length movies like Paprika and Spirited Away just due to the nature of the question. And for the most part I have read any Manga that follows those series

So I was wondering if /a/ could recommend me any Anime I haven't seen that you think is something I should. Please don't say Bleach or Naruto because I just cannot seem to get into those for the life of me.