Lockon Stratos set to return in Season 2

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It was inevitable, but here's the speel from 2chan.

Specific details are not available, but in a recent video interview between Newtype magazine and some key staff members for an up and coming DVD feature, the head writer, Yōsuke Kuroda, commented that there are "some surprising properties associated with GN particles", and "an exciting reveal as to who - or what Lockon really is. We haven't said anything about it, so it will be a total surprise. Though the key may lie in his Haro."

He talks briefly about Setsuna, the Thrones, and the various tech seen in 00, such as the Space Elevator and the influence previous Gundam series had on his writing.

The interview is up on Youtube, but beware, it's in moon. It's worth watching, however, as some previously unseen concept art is briefly shown(including a clue as to Lockon's ultimate fate):