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Rukia’s Imprisonment

Rukia sat in her cell staring vaguely past the bars in front of her. She’d been imprisoned here for 2 days so far, and the only real contact she’d had with anyone else in those long 48 hours was when Yamada Hanatarou came in to clean, yesterday.

He was incredibly nervous but that only seemed to be a sign of his innocence and purity. Most other shinigami were cocky and best and totally drunk with power at worst. Hanatarou seemed utterly removed from that, he just wanted to get along without hassle and get whatever chore he’d been given over and done with before moving on to the next.

Rukia thought he was pretty funny and even though she had been pretty cold to him when they had met, he had actually cheered her up. He was a little too cowardly for her liking in the sense that he seemed to let people walk all over him, but as already mentioned, that was really a sign of his honest and simple nature. Not to mention, Rukia had noticed him looking at her when he thought she couldn’t tell. At first she thought it was just more edgy behaviour, like perhaps he kept going to say something before giving up, but as time went on she noticed he was looking down the neckline of her kimono.