Anime as an indicator of social class

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Music has long been a good indicator of social class in scientific studies. Using the same methods on the different anime genres I have come to this conclusion:

Harem genre, romance and fanservice kind of shows à la Rosario to Vampire, To heart and Clannad:

>Fanbase consists mostly of adults in their late-teens/early 20's and upwards. This social group is defined by very little social skills, minimal social life,and usually below-average income or school grades.

Shounen fighting (One Piece, Naruto etc.etc) and mainstream titles à la Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop.

>Fanbase consists of mostly "normal" people. Average or above average grades, and income, if any at least on level with country average. The fanbase is quite heterogeneous ranging from mid teens, to women and men in their early 20's. Most people in this fanbase has an average too good social life,and skills.

The guy who has seen it all: Above 25 years old, most likely and engineer or in the computer business. Still a virgin, has two friends from his old college whom he meets once a month to discuss the latest episode of Naruto. Average or more income, below average social life and skills.

Reads only seinen: College drop-out, few to no friends, looking for a job in a music or comic store.