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Gentlemen, I like Sakaki.

Gentlemen, I like Sakaki.

Gentlemen, I love Sakaki.

I like tall women. I like long legs. I like bountiful breasts. I like sexy curves.

I like school uniforms. I like cat panties. I like school swimsuits. I like buruma.

In school. On field trips. In pools. In class. On islands. In races. On boats. In locker rooms. In gym. At home.

I love every aspect of Sakaki that exists in this world.

I like blowing away days of my life with the thunderous roar of a line of students going off all at once over a kitten. When the cats refuse to be loved by our gentle Sakaki, leaving her with a sullen expression, my heart dances.

I like seeing the enemies hope crushed with a long bound of Sakaki's legs. When she moved down to the front of the pack with her classmates screaming, my heart leapt.

I like it when Sakaki plows through the horde of cats with her arms extended for a simple caress. I remember being moved when she met Tadakichi-san, filled with panic, began petting an already tame animal again and again.

Seeing the gentle occupations strung from line-to-line in the questionnaire is unendurably exciting. Seeing a classrooms order be thrown down with a piercing shriek, as my own hand falls, was spectacular.

When the Sakaki's pitiful resistance came beautifully as she was compared to an American... and the hopes of Osaka and Tomo were destroyed, I was at my height.

I like it when Sakaki's love of cute things is destroyed, yet she carries on. It is a sad thing when the woman with love in her heart is trampled, and the tender arms of this goddess are scratched and bitten.