Why I hate CLAMP and their fans

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Because their stuff is simply shallow while pretending to have depth.

Because they didn't have improvements over the past ten years- they are always drawing manga for girls at jr high school level. Their manga is filled with "brackets" and "bolds" to emphasize keywords like "fate" or "wish" or "whatsoever" and try to make it look so very heavy and tragic. But at the end everything turned out to be caused by trivial reasons. That's yaoi-loving fangirls' thinking. CLAMP started out as yaoi-loving fangirls. (RG Veda started out as doujinshi. WISH is actually a SlamDunk yaoi doujinshi in disguise, but they made the angels no-gender to avoid being openly yaoi.) After decades, the level of the things they draw are still just yaoi-loving fangirls, but extremely skilled ones.

Their drawings (other than manga) are simply drawn "because it's pretty this way". For example, why are there two chains on this person while one on the other? Because it balances the whole picture. If taking out a chain, the left half of the picture looks too empty. Same with the flying feathers or petals all over the place: to balance the picture. If you read enough of their comments in their art books, you'll see they don't think that much when drawing. There are even comments like "this is my homework for art academy". (One of the RG Veda art books.) I grew impatient of their shallowness and miniature scale.