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I just finished watching hell girl and Ive got to say the ending was really half assed. Hell the entire anime could have been so much better. It had awesome characters and some of the stories made me Lol, what the fuck and get teary eyed a bit. But it just felt like it could be much better. I like the last arc with theboy and some of the episodes where good. To me it just needed a bit more horror and gore (not OH MY GOD GORE) just enough to make it seem scary a bit.

The ending just plain sucked, The first few episodes with the detective made me shit bricks, and the second to last episode where she sent the boy out to hell gave me the shivers. but they fucked up on Hell girl's death they could have made it more surreal and horrifying and sad.

tl;dr It could have been better. What does /a/ think?