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Alright /a/, I'm gonna predict the future.

-Pretty much everyone agrees One Piece will end after 1200-1400 chapters. If you need me to elaborate on this one, I will
-Dragon Ball is the biggest inspiration for One Piece. Oda agreed, don't bother him about it.
-The Namek arc of Dragon Ball lasted 87 chapters. If it ended there like Toriyama originally planned, that would've been 26% of the chapters
-Toriyama made Namek last so long because he wanted the end of the series to be epic
-Assuming OP goes 1300 chapters, and 26% of it is on Raftel, they'll be on Raftel for ~338 chapters. That's 7 years of serialization.

tl;dr: Raftel will be the new Namek.