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In an odd twist today, the final six minutes of the third episode of CODE GEASS R2 were leaked a few hours ago.

The clip had Lelouch out with Shirley, Lelouch outwitting the Britannians, Lelouch confronting Rollo but instead getting surprised by Rollo’s Geass ability (which is apparently not teleport but time-stop), and Li Xingke attacking some Black Knight members and saying that the Black Knights perish there.

According to a 2ch post, one of the staff members was arrested, and episode three may not air this weekend (to be decided tomorrow). Supposedly the alternatives are to air either a shortened version of the episode four or nothing at all this weekend while they remake episode three. That’s very disturbing news to say the least, but I can understand why they might feel inclined to do that since the leaked part does have some huge spoilers for the entire episode. And given that they’re thinking about remaking some of it, it’s not even clear if the leaked part is canon anymore. In any case, an official announcement will probably come in the next 24 hours, and I’ll be sure to update this post.