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ITT: We do things wrong.

Gentlemen, I like peace.
Gentlemen, I love peace!
I hate Holocaust, I hate Blitzkrieg,
I hate the Offensive, I hate the Defensive
I hate sieges, I hate the breakthrough, I hate retreating,
I hate the mop-up, and I hate to withdraw.
In the fields, in the streets, in the trenches, in the plains,on a tundra, in a desert, on sea, in the sky, in the mud, in a swamp.
I truly despise each and every kind of war man can wage on this planet.
I hate the thunderous roar of the it blows away the enemy all at once on the front lines.
When the enemy's bodies are thrown high into the air...and the pieces come raining down, it makes my heart sad with grief!
I hate when one of our tanks, with its 88mm...clashes with an enemy tank!
It always left a cold feeling in my chest when They would jump out of the tanks, only to be taken out by gunfire.
I hate it when the infantry line plows through the enemy lines with their bayonets raised.
I recall how much it moved me, seeing how scared new recruits are, how they would cry over a dead enemy again and again, even though he's already dead.
and It's painfully despairing when a foolish deserter gets strung up on a lamp post.
And how painful it is when an enemy captive screams sync with the scream of the gun I'm sadly mowing him down with.
And that brave resistance...Running at us in a blaze of glory, despite them being horribly low on quality guns.
I hate it when the Russian soldiers are thrown into chaos.
And when the village they were supposed to be protecting are breeched, and the women and children are given candy repeatedly...Oh, how very happy it is.
I like it when the English and American war machines are polished and rebuilt!!
Gentlemen, what I want is a peace waged like heaven itself.
Gentlemen, my compatriots, members of the battalion, you who follow me...
Gentlemen, what do you desire?
Do you also want peace?