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Hi everyone,

I've been thinking about dubs recently, and just has an okii idea. Most specifically about how badly it's handled in commercial translations when a character has a sentence ending, like Suiseiseki's "desu", Kanaria's "kashira", and Rika's "nano desu".
Normally such things are just ignored completely, or replaced with something lame like "yes" for Suiseiseki's sentence ending in the Rozen Maiden manga, which I feel is taking something irreplaceable from the character, and detracts from the whole feel of the anime/manga.
Now, I'm no dubfag, and in fact I have quite a high power-level, possibly one over 9000, but I just feel annoyed that these dubs tracks are on the same DVDs that I'm buying. What I want to know is, why can't they just leave it as it is?
Now, I don't mean to translate its meaning (when that's even possible) God forbid, or even just get the English voice actors to say "nano desu", because quite frankly I think it would sound awful if said by someone who wasn't Japanese; but they have access to the original audio, so why can't they just copy it to the end of the sentence from that? I think it would make the dubs so much better, and keeping the original material more intact would be good too. I mean, I thought the dub on the DVD releases of Higurashi has just been so lacking, specifically because it didn't have Rena's kawaii "hauuu" (though there are a few other minor things which mean I prefer the subtitles, or even Ayu's fansub).

Let me know what you think. I might make my own splice of an English dub with my idea next weekend, my friend is teaching me some leet video editing software, so I'll post a link on Youtube for you.
Hopefully we might see this implemented in a future commercial dub! I'd be so excited if it did happen, but I won't get my hopes up.
Mata ne~