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- Orange makes a comeback in episode 15.
- In his final battle with CC, as they were both sinking, CC uses her powers to escape. This causes her to inadvertently bestow a Geass on him. However as his left eye was fused with mechanical components, the Geass is distorted; while it was supposed to be somewhat similar to Lelouch's, allowing short term control of people, he now gains the ability to control machines instead.
- Using his Geass, he manages to assemble a makeshift escape pod out of the wreckage of his mech, barely allowing him to drift ashore.
- He puts together his own mech out of parts of the frames destroyed in the Babel Tower incident, holding them together with his Geass. Engages the Black Knights, but the strain of keeping his mech together proves overwhelming, causing him to collapse.
- He's taken to Zero, who reveals his identity. Apparently, Orange had met Lelouch before, as a child, at the imperial palace. He realises Britannia will never accept him back, and resolves to join Lelouch, determined to pay back his former allies for stripping him of rank so easily.
- He gets a regular glassgow, but improves it by integrating pieces of destroyed mechs, eventually even a hadron cannon.
- His Geass can interfere with enemy frames' functionality, up to the point of short term control. However, extensive use of this ability risks his own mech losing its integrity and falling apart.

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