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Holy shit, 4Kids announces their licensing of School Days (TV):

From the article:

From the company that brought you One Piece and Yu-gi-oh comes a brand new series: School Days!
Mack is a brand-new middle school student, who only wants to fit in. But all that changes when he meets Sally, a sassy, spunky gal who just loves to have fun!
And when Sally introduces Mack to her best friend Kate, things start to get REALLY wacky: they form a friendship club! From eating lunch on the school roof, to splashing around at the pool, there's nothing Mack and the girls won't do together.
But as the year goes by, word gets around school about how much fun Mack, Kate, and Sally are having with their friendship club. Suddenly, EVERYONE want to be Mack's pal! Can he juggle his crazy friendship club while staying true to his two
original BFF's? There might even be a surprise or two towards the end! (Hey, Robo-Mack! You got enough oil in there buddy!?!?!?!?!?)

Join Mack and the gang as they learn the value of friendship and staying true to your heart. Saturday mornings on Fox!"

Seriously /a/, what the fuck, this is how 4Kids is going to dub School Days? I get the feeling alot of stuff is going to get cut out...