Anime sucks

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I don't care if my title is trollish. Anime sucks. I'm not talking about the 95% generic shit that you guys obsess over, but the other 4.99% that aren't generic but still suck.

So what makes anime a sub-par entertainment medium?

*Sub-par storylines. Save the world from bla bla bla, or [insert romance stories told a million times since the death of Shakespeare], or "serious" revenge stories like Shigurui and Berserk. Like we haven't heard those stories a million times before.

*Terrible character development. When was the last time an anime character developed without any flash-backs?

Even "masterpieces" like Mushishi and Planetes use flash-backs as a development device.

*Overly cute females.

*Predictability. All anime are predictable, prove me wrong! I dare you.

*Over the top humor. Seinfeld>>>all your shitty Gintamas, Azumanga Daiohs and whatnots.

Pic related: Another one of those stories I've heard a million times before, but in a better wrapping.