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So, /a/... I just finished Gurren-Lagann. I am in utter awe, as this show was FANTASTIC. Very probably my favorite mecha production in years.

To put it simply, the entire scenario of the storyline really excels in its simplicity. It felt almost stripped to the basic epic-ness. Humans: existing only to survive, with a desire for the sky. Some with fear of change and no desire for a future, some completely tied by their past, some that live by only instinct and forgot their true roots. They were all pulled to a war against their true nature by an almost gravitational sense of inevitability.

It was a struggle of ideals, rather than men. Thus, epic, timeless, beyond pure plot, not needing convoluted twists to propel it forward.

It's interesting that pretty much all the characters in the series were pretty much archetypes representing different types of people, but never did they feel generic. Somehow in the little subtle differences in design, the different little ways they handling their scenes, everyone felt like a person living in an era filled with turmoil and unrest.