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Okay, so I like the manga Strawberry Marshmallow. It's relatively cute, if you are into that kind of thing, but more importantly it is often very funny. For example, the first installment features several kid characters being late for school, so older sister Nobue offers to drive everyone there. Chika (Nobue's little sister, who knows her well) refuses, but Chika's friends assent, and get in the car. Nobue then drives right past the school, despite the protests of her passengers. That night they return, and explain to Chika, somewhat shamefaced, that they went off and did touristy things near Tokyo. This wouldn't be much of anything, except for the pacing: most of the story involves the worry of getting ready for school in a hurry, which leaves two pages for the "kidnapping" and one panel for the climactic return and explanation. It's like a Sophoclean tragedy in that the conventionally interesting stuff (what most manga would focus on: the touristy hijinks) happens off-stage. I love this story. Not all of them work this well, but they're all short, and the hit-to-miss ratio is pretty good.