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Gundam 00 post-mortem:

Good deaths:
None. At all.

Good deaths ruined somehow:
Lockon. Why the FUCK is Al Saachez still alive? Jesus fucking Christ...

Retarded deaths:
Doctor guy. Because nobody fucking cares.
Ian. Would have been fine if not for...
Chris. What. The. Fuck. First off, the two of them should have died when the Potemayo got fuckpwnt by the GN-X. Second, the "lol theris a shard in my back" thing was fucking retarded enough, but BLOWING THEM UP AFTER THEY WERE ALREADY DEAD TO BEGIN WITH? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THE WRITERS JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

Lol moments:
Louise's hand.
Al Saachez getting his shit melted and surviving.
That one guy that looks like Graham but can't possibly be Graham because Graham doesn't wear a mask.
Patrick not being dead somehow, although that's a good thing I suppose.
Vowels being gay for Lockon.