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- Queen Marianne is actually a witch like C.C. and is known as M.M.
- She was the one who gave Charles his brainwasher geass.
- She also gave Nunnaly a geass before her "death" and told her never to use it unless she really needs to. The real reason why she won't open her eyes.
- Since Marianne didn't really die at that incident her body was replaced with a fake during her funeral. Her whereabouts are unknown.
- Geass witches have the ability to telepathically communicate with other witches, hence why C.C. can talk to her.
- Prime Minister Kururugi did not die by Suzaku's hands. He was assassinated by the Emperor's men after Suzaku's contact with V.V. which gave him the "Power of Gods" which is superior to Lulu's or Charles' "Power of the Kings". Fake memories where implanted to him by Charles so he could use him as a pawn and discover a way to use his "Power of the Gods"
- The Emperor discovered that Nunally has inherited some of her mother's powers and captured her to be used as a tool to destroy the gods with their own powers.
- Near the end, Charles will use his incomplete Sword of Akasha to destroy the rebel Suzaku but due to Lulu's geass command "Live" he goes warp spasm and destroys Akasha.