New season reviews

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So yeah, my thoughts on some of the new stuff this season, from worst to best. First post will be stuff I wasn't so impressed with, second post will be the stuff that went in my "keep watching pile"

Blassreiter - It's a law of the universe that 50% of Gonzo stuff is shite. By that reasoning, Druaga must be holding some cards back, because this crap makes Dragonaut look good. Terrible CG, terrible writing, dull character design. This goes to the bottom of the list for not only being crap, but being so badly animated that it's actually painful to watch.

Special A - Thoroughly uninspired. Boring stretched looking Code-Geas-esque character designs and nothing that catches your attention. Skip it.

Golgo 13 - So dull, I actually fell asleep throughout most of the first episode. Tuned back in at the end, only to discover I hadn't actually missed anything. They tell Golgo to shoot some guy. He shoots the guy. ZOMG! SPOILERS! Bad animation, ugly art style, and the plot is just plain dull. Golgo's only worthwhile skill appears to be being a good sniper. How the hell the manga ever got to 148 volumes of this shite I do not comprehend.

Nabari No Ou - Nice art style, and reasonably cool fight choreography simply can't save this series from it's uninspired plot and complete lack of interesting characters. It's not terrible, just thoroughly mediocre. Kind of like Naruto, with less stupid.

Zettai Karen Children - It's basically Ultimate Girls again. If you like that sort of thing, give it a look. Not much here beyond standard magical girls parody. Amusing, but not enough to keep me watching.