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Anyone else here use The KMPlayer? I prefer the interface over MPC, and I always have, but I've been having trouble with it on a couple of shows, with regard to subtitles not showing up. MPC displays these just fine for the same file, so I know it's a (hopefully fixable) issue with the player, or something I should have installed for KMP that's built in to MPC.

Episode 6 of Eclipse's Manabi Straight release, as well as pretty much all of Sketchbook Full Color's is deciding to be difficult.

One thing I've noticed is that MPC uses different fonts and different colours for subs, while The KMPlayer does not. I'm thinking it might be a problem with The KMPlayer not recognizing a given instruction to use a special font, and thus deciding not to display it at all.

It's curious that it's only episode 6 of Manabi, because the other episodes all use the same font in MPC, and The KMPlayer doesn't have any trouble displaying the subs at least, even though the fonts aren't coming through. I'd rather not have to switch players because of this. Anyone know what my problem is? Or better, how to fix it?

I really don't care about the varied fonts at all. I just want the subs to show up. The player has no trouble whatsoever with any other show I've cared to watch.