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I'm making this guide of links for a friend at my Uni who is just getting into anime...anything else I should include?

pt 1:
Direct Download Sites
One of best places for downloading new shows, updates VERY quickly, requires registration (free)
to find anime downloads: links will appear on homepage, scroll down to see list of "Baka series, click on series you want, download links will be found in
the "Sticky[Anime Download]series name" thread.
updates the most often, but has somewhat slow downloads, has almost all new shows, use "self-service" option when downloading
has a TON of series, good for new shows, requires registration (free), also has a bunch of Live Action shows, OSTs, and Music Vids
has a good selection of new shows, often updates slowly, nice selection of completed series as well
Updates fairly frequently, uses megaupload for downloads, also has RAW eps (non-subbed eps)
has a huuuge amount of completed series, updates very quickly, requires registration (free), sometimes episodes in weird formats (ex. Real Media Video)
Both good sites for ddl of anime soundtracks, both full oSTS and individual tracks
Both excellent sites for translated DDL manga