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What a fucking retard. After last weeks nice start I though to myself "Hmm, wouldn't it be SO CASH is Naruto was in there as well? But without the occasional moments of introspection, but double the personality deficits". Whoo boy, looks like my wish got granted.

To all the people who thought the performance of Maka's voice actress wasn't all that good, I have great news! After episode 2 this complaint will be all but forgotten. She's still not all that good, but this is overshadowed by BURAKU SUTAAAA. His weapon is quite nice actually and acts as sorts of "straight woman" to his antics, but I don't really see this joke still being funny after 50 episodes. To the manga readers, does he get better/less obnoxious? Or die maybe?

Well, this leaves one main character to go. He better be damn awesome.